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After a rigorous review of applications, TDeFi is thrilled to announce the admission of 23 impactful project teams building across RWA, GameFi, infrastructure, and the application layer. Key Takeaways: Cohort-3 of the Web3 Acceleration Program officially launched on June 5,…

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We are thrilled to announce the incubation of Rage Effect into the TDeFi family. Rage Effect is set to redefine gaming, an immersive and cutting-edge experience available on mobile, PC, and PS5, with seamless cross-play integration. ​​Their mission is to…

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TDeFi is thrilled to announce the incubation of Clay Nation, an exceptional multi-dimensional clay animation and metaverse project that artfully bridges the worlds of arts and culture to Web3. With origins in an NFT collection created from handcrafted clay traits,…

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Vitalik recently published a paper titled “Multidimensional Gas Pricing”. While it might seem like a fusion of chemistry and blockchain is underway, this isn’t the case. Technical geeks feel good when they make people awe on their creation by using…

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Acceleration simply means the act or process of making something happen more quickly. Similarly, an Acceleration Program refers to a process that transforms the participants’ skills and abilities and makes them a better entrepreneur in a defined timeframe. An acceleration…

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TDeFi is thrilled to announce a great addition to our ecosystem with InvoiceMate. InvoiceMate is bringing about a game-changing revolution in DeFi. The platform enables tokenization of Real-World Assets (RWA) like invoices, giving small and medium enterprises (SME) the power…

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There are hundreds and more proven ways to succeed as a web3 startup, but there may be hundreds and more ways to fail as a startup. It is still a mystery to many as to why startups fail or succeed….

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TDeFi is thrilled to welcome AADI, a gaming abstraction layer that is paving the solution to gaming and Web3 onboarding. Currently, when it comes to gaming and Web3, a lot of projects focus on the narrative of onboarding users or…

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We are excited to announce that BrainAlive AI has secured investments from our Venture Arm TDVC. We are happy to support them in their endeavor of making real-time engagement insights accessible to accelerate productivity of our interactions.  A Glance at…

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The global crypto market cap has now exceeded $2.16 trillion and it is expected that it will grow to $10 trillion by the end of 2025. That means more companies will come into the crypto industry, and competition is going…