TDeFi is thrilled to welcome OneTo11, a pioneering platform in the Web3 space that revolutionizes the fantasy sports gaming experience by integrating social networking features. OneTo11 offers users the chance to not only engage in fantasy sports contests but also to socialize with a community of like-minded individuals enhancing both user involvement and investment potential.

About OneTo11

OneTo11, a fantasy sports gaming platform with 4Mn+ users was founded in 2020 by Ravindra Kumar (CEO), Tirath Chand Sharma (CTO), Manasvi Singh(CMO), Anirban Chatterjee(COO) and Anisur Rahman Ansari(CFO). The platform primarily focuses on community building through sports contests and a referral system.

OneTo11 differentiates itself by offering a multifaceted platform where users earn by participating in contests and through an expansive referral system. The platform’s innovative approach to combining gaming with social networking elements positions it for substantial growth and user engagement. OneTo11 empowers enthusiasts to deploy their insights and knowledge to productive use, thereby fostering a sporting culture. 

The platform boasts impressive metrics, including over 4 million users, , achieving peak MAU & DAU of 600,000 and 150,000 while  facilitating over 26 million transactions. 

OneTo11 has raised $2.5 million in seed funding from investors including Andrew Mansanto, Jordan Belfort, Oracles Investment Group, Maximus Capital, GDA Capital, Parul Gujral, Jason Stone, Carl Runefelt, and IBC Group​. They are planning for TGE in Q1 2024.

Why OneTo11: Our Thesis

  • Synergy with TDeFi’s Vision: OneTo11’s mission aligns seamlessly with TDeFi’s objectives of promoting innovation and democratizing access to digital assets. This partnership is built on a shared vision of empowering users and enhancing the digital asset landscape. We believe that introducing a token can incentivize user engagement through rewards, bonuses, or exclusive features tied to the token, motivating them to actively participate to earn and utilize them.
  • Expert Leadership: The founding team of OneTo11 brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record in technology development. CEO Ravindra and CTO Tirath share a long-standing friendship and professional collaboration spanning over a decade.CMO Manasvi & COO Anirban add to the team’s strength with their extensive experience in startups like buddy4study, ensuring a blend of technological prowess, marketing savvy, and operational excellence.
  • Proven Success: The platform has demonstrated its viability in the market with over 4 million registered users and a significant number of app downloads. Currently hosting 7 games, OneTo11 boasts an average monthly active user (MAU) count of 120k, with peaks reaching up to 600k.
  • Community-Centric Approach: OneTo11 is committed to democratizing the gaming community and reshaping the narrative around fantasy gaming platforms. Unlike traditional platforms where only a select few enjoy the majority of benefits, OneTo11 fosters an inclusive environment for all its members.
  • Expansive Growth Potential: The fantasy and real-money gaming (RMG) sectors have seen a surge in popularity, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this, the Web3 space lacks platforms that offer a genuine fantasy gaming ecosystem combined with an intuitive user experience.  

In FY22, Fantasy Sports Platforms saw revenues almost tripling from FY20, to reach INR 6,800 crore, and this market revenue is expected to grow at a 30 percent CAGR till FY27. 

About TDeFi

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