We are thrilled to announce the incubation of Rage Effect into the TDeFi family. Rage Effect is set to redefine gaming, an immersive and cutting-edge experience available on mobile, PC, and PS5, with seamless cross-play integration. ​​Their mission is to foster a passionate gaming community and push the boundaries of first-person shooters. Join them on this epic journey to transform gaming and unleash your potential.

Introduction to Rage Effect: From Inception to Revolution

Rage Effect, once known as J.O.S.H (Joint Operations Secret Heroes), represents a paradigm shift in gaming — blending the immersive elements of AAA titles with the innovative potential of blockchain technology. The rebranding from J.O.S.H to Rage Effect in January 2022, guided by Solana Ventures, was more than just a name change; it was a strategic move to position the game for a global audience and deepen its narrative appeal.

The Genesis of Rage Effect

The initial concept for Rage Effect was sparked in mid-2020 by visionaries Karn and Vaibhav, They saw an opportunity to fuse the excitement and depth of games like Battlefield and Call of Duty with the transformative capabilities of blockchain technology. From its inception, their aim was clear: to simplify the blockchain experience for gamers, removing the barriers that made traditional blockchain games feel inaccessible and complex, such as complicated wallet setups, pre-staking of coins, and the necessity of engaging with multiple DAOs.

The Raging Vision

Rage Effect aims to redefine the boundaries of interactive entertainment by merging the thrilling essence of AAA gaming with the transformative potential of blockchain technology. They aspire to create a universally acclaimed platform where gaming meets innovation, empowering players with true ownership and a voice in the game’s ecosystem. By integrating cutting-edge technology, community-driven content, and a commitment to excellence, Rage Effect aims to deliver not only a world-class gaming experience but also a new standard for the gaming industry worldwide. Through strategic partnerships and continuous development, they are dedicated to establishing Rage Effect as a beacon of innovation in Web3 gaming, setting new benchmarks in user engagement and community collaboration.

Evolution Through Development

Starting with a lean team of three interns and minimal resources, Rage Effect’s journey from concept to reality has been marked by significant milestones:

  • 2022 Q1 and Q2: The foundational phases involved detailed project planning, technology assessments, and the initial releases of whitepapers and concept proofs. This period also saw the team’s expansion as it brought on board advisors and set up its first alpha and beta tests.
  • 2022 Q3 to 2024 Q2: As the game’s features were fine-tuned, including game mechanics and graphics, beta versions were launched, leading up to the official game release. These phases were crucial for iterative testing and community feedback integration.
  • 2024 Q3 and beyond: Post-launch, the focus shifted to scaling up operations, launching new NFT collections, and cementing the game’s position through strategic partnerships and community-driven governance models like the Golden DAO.

Rage Effect’s journey has been marked by significant milestones and support from industry-leading figures and firms. In August 2023, investor-advisors from top-tier gaming companies like Epic Games, along with former leaders at Remedy Entertainment and Fingersoft Games, joined the team. In December 2023, a partnership with Nazara, India’s premier gaming entity, was established, amplifying Rage Effect’s reach and operational capabilities. Since April 2024, they have successfully raised their seed funding round, with an announcement coming soon.

Rage Effect: The Unstoppable Journey

Traction: Building Momentum

Rage Effect’s journey began with a vision to merge the immersive world of AAA gaming with the transformative potential of blockchain technology. This vision quickly turned into reality, attracting 110,000 organic users on mobile and PC. Partnering with gaming giants like PlayStation and Xbox, Rage Effect demonstrated its capability to bridge traditional gaming with innovative Web3 elements.

With the backing of Nazara, India’s premier public gaming company, Rage Effect solidified its position in the market. Players spend an average of 1.57 hours on PC and 2.5 hours on mobile, reflecting the game’s engaging nature. Boasting 1,200 daily active users (DAU) and 9,300 monthly active users (MAU), the game’s popularity continues to rise. Notably, Rage Effect achieved a cost per install (CPI) of just $0.019, making it a cost-effective hit.

In just one month, Rage Effect became the second most played game on GameSwift. The team is currently negotiating a $1.5 million development grant with Sony India, further cementing their place in the industry. Their accolades include winning the NFT Vision Hack global hackathon sponsored by Protocol Labs and the Codechef Hackathon sponsored by Polygon.

Team: The Dream Team

The success of Rage Effect is driven by a stellar team of industry veterans. The team boasts former members from top-tier games like Assassin’s Creed, Sims, and Anno. They have experience working with renowned companies such as Activision, Boeing, Goldman Sachs, STEPN and Team Liquid. The team includes IIT alumni and those who have published Top 100 iOS games globally and worked with Top 5 CS:GO Esports teams.

This diverse and talented team brings together a wealth of experience and a shared passion for pushing the boundaries of gaming and blockchain integration.

Partners: Strategic Alliances

Strategic partnerships have been pivotal in Rage Effect’s rapid ascent. Collaborations with industry leaders like SONY, XBOX, and Nazara have not only enhanced the game’s credibility but also provided critical insights and resources. The University of Edinburgh, Mysten Labs, Magic Eden, ReadyPlayerMe, Hyperplay, GameSwift, Elixir, and 1Kin have also joined hands with Rage Effect, offering technological support and expanding its reach.

These partnerships have been instrumental in validating Rage Effect’s game concept and ensuring that the game continues to evolve and innovate.

Investors: Fueling the Vision

Rage Effect has attracted significant investments from some of the most influential names in the blockchain and gaming sectors. Solana Ventures, Mysten Labs, MH Ventures, Nazara, and Brotherhood Ventures have all invested in the project. Their support underscores the confidence the industry has in Rage Effect’s vision and potential.

This funding has enabled Rage Effect to scale its operations, enhance its technological capabilities, and continue its trajectory towards becoming a leader in Web3 gaming.

Advisors: Expert Guidance

Guidance from seasoned industry experts has been crucial to Rage Effect’s success. Advisors like Oskari Hakkinen (Studio Director at Epic Games), Matias Myllyrinne (CEO at Redhill Games, ex-CEO of Remedy Entertainment), Mika Reini (BOD at Fingersoft Games, ex-CFO of Remedy Entertainment), Kai Auvinen (Co-Founder at Futureplay Games), Matt Sorg (VP of Technology at Solana, ex-Riot Games, Unity), and KManu (1M+ on YouTube, Founder of T2 LATAM, Advisor at Big Time, Overworld) provide invaluable insights.

Their expertise helps navigate the complexities of game development, marketing, and strategic growth, ensuring that Rage Effect remains at the forefront of innovation in the gaming industry.

What’s Next for the Rage Effect?

Looking to the future, Rage Effect is poised for expansion. New features, platforms, and updates are on the horizon, aimed at enriching the player experience and strengthening the community interaction through tournaments and the innovative use of NFTs and blockchain technology.

Rage Effect’s journey from a simple idea to a revolutionary game is a testament to the power of vision, community, and innovation. As we continue to evolve and expand, we remain committed to delivering an unmatched gaming experience that not only entertains but also empowers players globally.

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