After a rigorous review of applications, TDeFi is thrilled to announce the admission of 23 impactful project teams building across RWA, GameFi, infrastructure, and the application layer.

Key Takeaways:

  • TDeFi has selected 23 project teams to participate in Cohort-3 of the Web3 Acceleration Program, in collaboration with DMCC and Blockchain Partner Elysium Chain.
  • This 2-month structured program takes founders through the experience of building and scaling their startups, offering them a taste of what it’s like to build an empire.
  • Mentors with varied expertise will host sessions on different business topics, followed by respective case studies to help founders gain a concrete understanding.

Cohort-3 of the Web3 Acceleration Program officially launched on June 5, 2024.

Introduction to Selected Startups:


BEVM: The first EVM-compatible Bitcoin L2 built on Taproot Consensus and uses $BTC as gas. Based on Multisig + Bitcoin SPVs, Taproot Consensus is the result of 6 years of hustle of the team.

BTC Layer: Revolutionizing Bitcoin with the first modular Layer 2 infra network, enhancing scalability, security, and interoperability. Their Testnet v2 has facilitated around 2 million transactions and ~80K registered wallets.


Bitwala: Now live in 29 countries within the EEA, democratizing access to Bitcoin through products like virtual and physical cards and a mobile app.

DePerp: A perpetual trading platform offering traditional trading tools in a fully decentralized environment, achieving $100M in volume on its TG mini app and $350M on the web app.

BoundlessPay: Revolutionizing finance with a seamless digital banking platform connecting traditional finance with blockchain technology. They have raised $250,000 in a pre-seed round.

OpenRWA: A no-code RWA tokenization platform allowing asset owners to fractionalize and digitize their assets into tradable tokens backed by tangible assets.

Uniramp: Developing a fiat-to-crypto aggregator and web3 solution for the MENA region, helping web3 projects connect to fiat gateways globally.

Paydece: A decentralized P2P fiat on/off ramp enabling users to buy and sell crypto with fiat without intermediaries, facilitating $8M worth of transactions. An AI Perpetual DEX on Solana employing Pool Rate-Based AMM to increase capital efficiency and lower price slippage with risk-control AI.

Reflection Trading: Allows the issuance of stock tokens 100% backed by shares of real stock, simultaneously purchasing the associated stock and holding it in a brokerage account.

Akka Finance: An AI-powered liquidity aggregator for DeFi, offering near-zero slippage trades with the best possible rates and instant execution, orchestrating fragmented liquidity into a vast liquidity mesh.

Hedge3: A SaaS-enabled B2B2C DeFi Marketplace for on-chain asset managers and passive DeFi investors.


Maniac Panda Games: A video game studio releasing products through Blink Galaxy, including OuterRing MMO, Racerloop, Underground Waifus, and more.

Empire of Sight: A 2D MMORPG allowing players to create or join in-game guilds and explore different game mechanics.

Minnapad: Empowering creators and fans of Japanese legendary icons like Mega Man and Street Fighter by revolutionizing ownership through SPV.

Musicmoon: An AI-powered music creation & Web3 platform that integrates music and instrument NFTs with a DAO to create a supportive ecosystem where artists can create, retain rights, earn royalties, and connect with fans.

Metasoccer: A gaming studio based in LATAM, building an ecosystem of soccer video games with a SAM estimated at 1.8 billion.


Shemarooverse: Shemaroo’s official multiplayer social metaverse platform running on blockchain technology, offering immersive 3D experiences and a decentralized environment.

Admeal: An incentivized social marketplace for foodies, home cooks, and food brands, serving as a hub for market research, innovation, and a recipe marketplace with digital collectibles.


Decentraclasses: Revolutionizing learning by empowering individuals to monetize their expertise through a decentralized education platform.

Soulverse: Building a complete identity infrastructure for individuals, enterprises, and sovereign governments to use and implement self-sovereign identity.

BrowsBit: A browser rewarding users with Bitcoin for their online activity, balancing benefits between advertisers and users, utilizing web3 technology.

Cyborg Network: A blockchain-based edge computing platform enabling AI apps to seamlessly shift workloads from the cloud to a worldwide network of edge data centers.

We are excited to see how these startups will leverage this opportunity to grow and transform the Web3 ecosystem. With the guidance of our experienced mentors and the collaborative spirit of the cohort, we are confident that these projects will achieve remarkable success. Let’s build the future of blockchain together!

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