TDeFi is thrilled to welcome AADI, a gaming abstraction layer that is paving the solution to gaming and Web3 onboarding. Currently, when it comes to gaming and Web3, a lot of projects focus on the narrative of onboarding users or games in Web3, but AADI is one of the few platforms to have the capability to execute both at the same time.

About AADI

AADI is founded by Rashmi R Padhy, who is a serial entrepreneur and experienced business leader. He has 20+ years of experience in Tech. Before starting Aadi, RP worked in leadership roles at Go-Jek (Indonesia), Uber (Careem UAE), and Binance (Wazirx India) where he was the vice president of Products and Business. He also spent the last 3 years in gaming, encountering the problems with Web3 and gaming firsthand. 

Aadi streamlines Web3 game development with easy-to-use SDKs/APIs, requiring no blockchain expertise from developers. For players, Aadi provides a unified discovery and rewards platform, featuring a universal player profile complete with rankings and badges across various genres. Participants can engage in contests to win rewards, enhancing the gaming experience.

Aiming to mainstream Web3 gaming, Aadi addresses the stark contrast between the vast number of traditional games (1 million) and the limited Web3 offerings (less than 0.3% of that). Despite the gaming world boasting 3 billion players, fewer than 10 million are in Web3, underscoring the sector’s untapped potential.

The slow adoption rate stems from multiple core challenges that Aadi tackles head-on. A significant hurdle is the need for reliable, efficient, and cost-effective access to real-time NFT and token data across multiple blockchains. As a pioneer, Aadi indexes this data from over 50 chains, significantly enhancing the gaming experience by providing unparalleled access to NFT and token information.

Why AADI: Our Thesis

  • Synergy with TDeFi’s Vision: AADI’’s mission aligns seamlessly with TDeFi’s objectives of promoting innovation and democratizing access to digital assets. This partnership is built on a shared vision of empowering users and enhancing the digital asset landscape. We believe that introducing a token can incentivize user engagement through rewards, bonuses, or exclusive features tied to the token, motivating them to participate to earn and utilize them actively.
  • Expert Leadership: The founding team of AADI brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record in technology development. CEO Rashmi R Padhy and Co-founder Harsha share a long-standing friendship and professional collaboration spanning over a decade with their extensive experience in startups like buddy4study, ensuring a blend of technological prowess, marketing savvy, and operational excellence.
  • Proven Success: The platform has demonstrated its viability by partnering up with over 9 projects – Gaming and NFT. It is set to launch a few big titles with over 10Mn registered users and 1Mn active users. The current partners include Skale Network, WeaveDB, Bandit, Earn Alliance, Blockchain Game Alliance, Born To Die Game, La Race Game, Sandbox, Tollan Worlds, Kult Games, and a few more.
  • Community-Centric Approach: AADI is committed to democratizing the gaming community and reshaping the narrative around the GameFi sector. Unlike traditional platforms where only support to provided to developers or gamers, AADI combines the onboarding for users and developers with taking care of everything related to web3.
  • Expansive Growth Potential: The GameFi sector has been the center of attention and attraction for quite some time now. With big studios and funds shifting focus on making web3 games more accessible, it has only seen a surge in popularity. The GameFi market stands at $336 Bn and has an impressive CAGR of 27%, it is not hard to see the potential for middleware like AADI to become the catalysts in making games accessible.

About TDeFi

TDeFi is a web3 incubator and consulting firm dedicated to promoting the adoption of web3 technologies. We aim to remove barriers hindering web3 adoption by offering access to renowned mentors, token engineering, token management, community growth assistance, exchange listings, investor connections, and growth hacking partnerships.
Since 2020, TDeFi has successfully guided 55+ companies through the token markets. Several of our portfolio companies have achieved market capitalizations exceeding one billion dollars.
Our vision for TDeFi is to establish it as a gateway to an ecosystem that empowers web3 projects aligned with the vision of equitable distribution of wealth for the masses

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