TDeFi is thrilled to announce a great addition to our ecosystem with InvoiceMate.

InvoiceMate is bringing about a game-changing revolution in DeFi. The platform enables tokenization of Real-World Assets (RWA) like invoices, giving small and medium enterprises (SME) the power to get financing. On the other hand, it provides a great opportunity for making reliable returns to those who provide liquidity. 

About InvoiceMate 

InvoiceMate is leading the financial technology industry by leveraging blockchain and artificial intelligence to redefine the landscape of invoice management and financing. With a comprehensive suite of advanced tools, including an Invoice Management System, Embedded Finance Solutions, Automated Invoice verification (KYI), Loan Origination System and more, they are bringing a dynamic shift in invoice financing solutions.  

InvoiceMate gives businesses, especially SMEs, a great advantage through access to invoice financing. Acting as a crucial link between businesses, traditional financial institutions, and emerging CeFi/ DeFi lenders, InvoiceMate utilizes AI algorithms to conduct comprehensive due diligence. 

Through meticulous analysis of various parameters, such as risk and proof of transactions, InvoiceMate guarantees the integrity and authenticity of invoices. This process boosts the lender’s confidence and also streamlines the financing process for businesses. 

InvoiceMate has been able to capture the confidence of the world with honours such as the “Blockchain Startup of the Year” award by Gulf Business Awards and the “Best Invoice Financing Solution 2024” at the UAE MEA Markets Business Awards. They were also recently acknowledged as a “Rising Star” in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 program, which honors the fastest-growing tech companies based in the Middle East or Cyprus.

Having already built a strong legacy in invoice financing, InvoiceMate is now coming up with a new initiative: “Decentralized Money Marketplace for Real-World Assets (RWAs)”. 

Through this, InvoiceMate will be able to create a marketplace that offers increased accessibility, liquidity, and efficiency in trading real-world assets within DeFi. This strategic expansion aligns directly with the growing demand for alternative asset classes and is primed to capture a market projected to exceed $16 trillion by 2030. 

Many institutions have come forward to back InvoiceMate on this initiative. Among the list of prominent names are the Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund, DIFC Accelerator Program, Crypto Oasis Venture Builders, and the Dfinity Foundation. 

Why InvoiceMate: Our Thesis

The Rise of RWAs: Tokenization gives RWAs higher utility by enabling fractional ownership, providing real and secure yield, and fostering increased adoption by merging traditional finance with DeFi. The demand for tokenized assets has surged significantly over the last couple of years. For instance, 

  • The market for tokenized U.S. Treasury has expanded from ~ $100 million in early 2023 to ~ $730 million. This growth is driven by crypto firms aiming to generate a consistent yield by depositing their on-chain funds. 
  • The TVL in RWA protocols has surged by a staggering ~ 489% on a YoY basis and stands at $5.9 billion as of the writing date. 
  • There are ~ 340 million SMEs worldwide with $5.2 trillion in lending requirements, representing a huge potential for growth and investment opportunities.

Synergy with TDeFi’s Vision: InvoiceMate’s mission perfectly compliments TDeFi’s vision of making digital assets accessible to everyone through innovation. Our collaboration is built on the foundation of a mutual commitment, with the aim of empowering SMEs and being a leader in the digital asset ecosystem. By introducing a token model, we aim to incentivize active participation and further build on it to create a vibrant community with a futuristic vision. To achieve this, we are offering rewards, rebates, and exclusive features tied to the token. This approach will motivate our users to actively engage and utilize our token to its full potential. 

Expert Leadership: InvoiceMate’s success until now is derived from a very strong leadership, led by Muhammad Salman Anjum, who is the founder & CEO of the company. Muhammad has dedicated close to a decade to leading blockchain-based invoice financing and advocating enterprise blockchain solutions. 

Building alongside him is Usman Salah Uddin, Co-Founder & CTO. He is a seasoned IT professional with over 18 years of experience specializing in digital transformation. Adding to the synergy is Muhammad Zeeshan Abid, Co-Founder & Product Lead, who leverages extensive experience as a chartered accountant and brings prior experience from running traditional invoice financing companies to enrich product insights. 

InvoiceMate Co-Founder & Strategy Leader Saeed Muhammad Ali Alhebsi is an AI advisor to the Minister of Human Resource and Emiratisation for the UAE government. He is shaping the future of blockchain and AI integration with the team. Lastly, Rafael Schultz, Shareholder and Investment Relations Lead, is a financial innovation expert driving the project forward in the digital asset landscape.

Proven Success: InvoiceMate has demonstrated great success with very attractive milestones in achieving tremendous growth in the invoice financing industry. To put it in numbers, they have  

  • Tokenized over $200 million worth of assets, facilitating financing of over $6.2 million in value. 
  • In the last 8 months alone, they have generated revenue exceeding $100K.
  • Built partnerships with 10+ leading supply chains, marketplaces, and platforms to drive the bulk adoption of tokenized assets.
  • Secured a locked lending allocation of over $5 million with 5+ institutions for future liquidity.

The partnership between TDeFi and InvoiceMate represents our belief in a digitized world where tokenization is accessible to everyone. We look forward to helping InvoiceMate enter new frontiers and lead innovation so they can scale at a revolutionary pace. Together, we are going to build an incredible future for DeFi and empower businesses worldwide. 

About TDeFi

TDeFi is a token growth studio dedicated to promoting the adoption of web3 technologies. We aim to remove barriers hindering web3 adoption by offering access to renowned mentors, token engineering, token management, community growth assistance, exchange listings, investor connections, and growth hacking partnerships. Since 2020, TDeFi has successfully guided 60+ companies through the token markets. Several of our portfolio companies have achieved market capitalizations exceeding one billion dollars. Our vision for TDeFi is to establish it as a gateway to an ecosystem that empowers web3 projects aligned with the vision of equitable distribution of wealth for the masses.

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