TDeFi is elated to announce the onboarding of Klink Finance – a Web3 platform that innovatively combines quest-based task rewards with strategic investing opportunities on its multi-service platform. Klink provides a unique opportunity for its users to earn cryptocurrencies for participation in affiliate-sponsored quests whilst growing their investments simultaneously.

About Klink Finance

Klink stands out with its unique blend of quest-based rewards and high-growth investment opportunities, engaging users globally. Operating on a triple-service framework, Klink rewards users with tokens for diverse online tasks, fostering user growth and revenue.

Beyond task earnings, Klink offers investment avenues like earning interest, high-yield programs, and managing portfolios. The platform ensures a seamless user experience with a Token Swap mechanism for converting rewards into alternative crypto assets.

Recently, Klink successfully raised $760k in a Pre-Seed Equity round in 2023, attracting top crypto funds like UOB Ventures, Blockchain Founders Fund, Signum Capital, Master Ventures, and Blockbase, positioning Klink for dynamic growth and innovation. Moreover, the platform is gearing up for a token presale in Q1 2024, followed by a Token Generation Event (TGE) scheduled in the first half of the year, marking key milestones in its growth strategy.

Why Klink Finance: Our thesis?

Synergistic Ecosystem for Growth: The harmonious integration of task-based rewards and investment opportunities within Klink forms a synergistic ecosystem. User engagement, driven by earning Klink tokens, propels growth in Assets Under Management (AUM) and overall trading volume. The Klink token’s increasing utility, central to both rewards and investments, incentivizes user engagement and enriches the platform’s financial offerings. This strategic cycle fosters sustained growth, where user expansion fuels financial services evolution, attracting a broader user base in an ongoing cycle of engagement within the Klink ecosystem.

Expertise-Backed Leadership:

The foundation of Klink Finance’s success lies in the diverse backgrounds of its founders, Chris Murphy and Philip Jonitz. In 2019, Chris’ e-commerce brand Chase West LLC was acquired by prominent investors following which he went on to serve as a senior consultant at Investis Digital, a financial technology and team management firm. Similarly, Philip’s journey in crypto started back in 2016, spanning several startups, venture capital firms, and financial ecosystems.

About TDeFi

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